Cool haircuts for boys in 2015 -16

Little boy haircuts
Little boy haircuts and hairstyles in 2015-16
November 8, 2015
Medium Hairstyles for thick hair
Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair
November 19, 2015
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cool haircuts for boys

The boys these days have become very changed. Now they are more conscious of their appearance. When it comes to a haircut then they go to the hairdresser with proper research and decision. Those days are gone when boys relied on the choice of the barber. Now the boys themselves are very active to decide anything for them. There are surprisingly cool hairstyles which attract the boys towards them.

These hairstyles are very decent in terms of their appearance. Normally the mothers are not agreed for the haircut which their son wants. These cool haircuts for boys are very decent in appearance that you will consider them seriously whenever your son goes for the haircut. There is so much variety in these haircuts that the boys who have thick, fine, wavy or even curly hair will find the haircut appropriate for them. The parents want their child to be serious in his life especially the boys. When the child is satisfied with his haircut then he will pay more attention to his work. The boy will feel confident to do any work.

Age is important to consider

As parents, it is your responsibility to choose the best for your child. The nature of the haircut is different for every age group. A haircut which meant to young men may not look good on teenage boys. So the haircut has to be nice, easy to style and according to the age of the child.

Stylish MohawkStylish Mohawk

It is popular haircut among boys because it gives you a chance to look classy. The look of this Mohawk may vary with the length of the hair. You can use styling tools as well to create a new style of Mohawk.

The shaggy mop

As a new haircut, the shaggy mop is nice to cut as it allows the child to keep long layers of hairs. After the cut they long layers can be styled to side swept to brushing them back. With this haircut give your son the practice of managing the hairs while goes for study.

The edgy Faux Hawk

This is an edgy haircut which is like a Mohawk with long layers. When it comes to styling the cut you can use some hair spray to maintain the hairstyle otherwise it is good to be simple.

Taper cut

With a tapered haircut your son will learn about hair maintenance. The hairs are shorter at sides while at the hair at the front need to be styled properly to give the actual look of the tapered cut.

cool haircuts for boysThe spiky craze

Boys with thick and straight hair can easy manage the spikes. This haircut is greatly liked by all young boys. Only with your finger you can make the spikes without using any hair stylish product.

Simply Fade

It is good styles for young black boys. The hairs are shorter so they are easily maintained. Other than black boys you can also have this haircut if you want to be free from hair styling every time.

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