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November 19, 2015
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red violet hair color

Red violet is perfect hair color for people with fair skin. The red violet hair color craving is natural as the hue looks phenomenal and bold. It is an ideal fall color and gives you a chance to try something out of this world. The color shimmers in the lights making your personality charismatic. It is one of the bold tones of red for women who are willing to get the attention of people around them. It is a feminine hue that takes away all the shyness making you confident in turn. There is a range of red hair color and all you have to do is to select the shade by considering your hair type and skin tone. You can take to hair experts as well if you are confused about the exact shade of red for your hair.

red violet hair colorThere are various shades of red but red violet hair color is the color of this season. It is a tertiary color full of boldness. Usually the violet red color signify fierceness, attitude and it is one of those colors is who will rarely see among women. It is so because this color demands courage on ones part. The deep ruby to copper tones, also go side by side to this deep red color. The Hollywood stars are not far behind when it comes to a perfect hair color. Rihanna, Christina Hendricks and such other celebrities have experimented with violet color.

The red violet hair color has some of the shades like blue reds, ginger, purple reds and copper to orange. The warmth of this color comes when you style your hair according to its demands. As we all know that this hue enhances the skin tone so the hair when cut into fringes, bangs or layers add a touch of sophistication. This is another shade which is soft cinnamon that looks great with pink undertones. Straight hair can styles in any way you want. The highlights of blonde are also another option because blonde is a great companion of red hair color.red-violet-hair

You can vary the color according to your skin tone. Blonde is an all time favorite color. Women with olive complexion feel confident to use this color. Women with thick hair must go for this color. When it comes to styles the curls and waves complement the color a great deal. When apply the hair color you have to take an extra care of yourself because it can be allergic also. First test the color on a small area of skin a day before you apply the entire color. If it is ok for you then the next day you can color your hair safely. Follow the instructions well when applying the hair color. Don’t leave the color for too long because it can be harmful or your hair. On average waiting for half an hour is enough. On rinsing the hair you will be amazed to see the perfect reddish violet shade to your hair.

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