How to get a perfect look with strawberry blonde hair dye?

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strawberry blonde hair dye

Women these days are very conscious about their looks. They want to be fashionable by wearing a smart and outfit and highlighting the hair at the same time. Here a question arises that whether the shade which you have selected for hair dying will suit you or not? The shades of blonde and red are great to dye your hair. These two colors have their own charms and beauty but all depends upon the natural color of your hair and color of your skin tone.

The strawberry blonde hair dye is a nice shade which is a combination of blonde and bright red. There are various shades of this dye and it is up to you to select the one which looks flattering on you. There are amazing shades of blond available in the market and strawberry blond hair color is at the top of the list. You can add other shades into it so achieve your desired color.

Can I get Shimmery hair with this hair dye?

The amazing feature of this hue is that it makes you hair shimmery, unlike other shades. The hairs feel very soft so the sparkle of light appears as glittering diamonds. The color is perfect when you have a bold outfit for an evening function. The fierceness of red matches perfectly with your personality when you have this shade of hair.

This color is particularly the color of the summer season because the red color looks pleasing to the eyes in this season. The daylight when to reflect the strawberry blond color then it is the most pleasing thing to see. The hairstyles with this shade are very pretty and many Hollywood celebrities have made their day with this shade.

beautiful strawberry blond teenage girl

The right strawberry hair color for you

The shade of this hair color is appealing because the shade of blonde adds shine with red to give a ruling look. So the people with light skin tone to a pinkish one can enjoy this hair color. The shade can be lightened or darkened depending upon you.

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Accessories matches to the hair color

Having a strawberry shade of blonde gives you a chance to wear the outfits and jewelry with a touch of red. It looks more to the people who are younger because they can experiment any color of the accessory matching to their hair color. Makeup also has a natural appeal with this color. The makeup of red lipstick along with smoky eyes says it all.

It depends more on your creativity that what will be the effect of this hair color on your hair. Basically, it is about the natural color of your hair. When they are lighter in the shade to strawberry blonde then you get full result of this hair color. So the darker the shade of natural color lighter will be the effect of the hair dye. After the hair color, you have to take a good care of your hair so that the shimmer remains intact. Rough and frizzy hairs ruin the look of this hair dye.

Strawberry Blonde Hair Dye Tutorial

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