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March 14, 2016
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hairstyles for boys

Teenage is such a great age when you can do everything according to your mood, and you want to enjoy your life. Teenage boys’ haircuts remain the focus point of every fashion magazine and every hairstylist. At this young age, you can adopt any hairstyle you want whether it is spiky, wavy or curly hairstyle. When you have a certain haircut from the hairdresser, and it really matters how you maintain and carry that hairstyle yourself so you have to take few tips from your hairdresser, and he will guide you about the maintenance of that particular hairstyle. You should also inquire him about the hairstyling products which are suitable and perfect for your hair type. I remember in my teenage I used to ask questions from the hairstylist expert, and he gave me suggestions about using of shampoos and hair care products to suit my hair type.

Haircut should match with face shape

It is one of the most important elements when choosing the haircut according to your face shape otherwise you won’t be able to do justice with your hairstyle you want. Whether you have a long face or oval or round shape, you should have your hairstyle according to your face shape. Boys follow celebrities’ hairstyles and love to style their hair according to their favorite celebrity. There are some amazing hairstyles for boys like spiked, Mohawk, choppy hairstyle and many others.

The curly hairstyle

hairstyles for boys

The boys who have God gifted curly hair will enjoy this haircut. It allows keeping the hair a bit long around the forehead. By using a hair gel the natural curls can be styled perfectly. Even the look is achieved using your fingers.

Side swept hairstyle

side-swept haircut

It is a good haircut for teenage boys which allow you to set your hair naturally. It suits to every face shape. Simply by using a hair brush you can style your hair. This haircut is easy to wear as well.

Messy bangs hairstyle

Some boys want to be like a fashion star, so they are willing to try these messy haircut ideas. It goes well to medium length hairs which are thick locks. It is easy to maintain hairstyle for boys.

Faux hawk style

This style appeals to young boys and men equally. It is very similar to the tapered haircut. Here the sides are not shaved. All the moms love Even this hairstyle and the best thing about style is that it suits every face shape.

The spiky look

Spikes are the reason for the kids to love any haircut. Usually, the front hairs are long to make the spiky effect. With the use of hair get you can make the phenomenal spiky look.

Shaggy and long

The shaggy hairstyle looks good when you have longer hair. Specifically, the boys with oval face cut should try this style. So give the time to your hair to reach a good length. Then the shaggy look will be easy to make.

Hairstyles for boys

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